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Vivant Art Gallery Closes its Door after 7 Years

Vivant Art Gallery Closes its Door after 7 Years

Posted: August 05, 2014

Vivant Art Gallery Closes its Doors after 7 Years

Gallery Owner, Florcy Morisset Begins New Chapter


August 1, 2014 (Philadelphia)  After seven years of serving the Philadelphia community, Vivant Art Gallery will be closing its doors. 

In 2007, Vivant Art Gallery was launched to expose Philadelphians to the cultural richness and diversity of Haitian art. With great passion and foresight, its Creative Director, Florcy Morisset, leveraged the recession to build a business celebrating underrepresented artists and diverse communities. Vivant Art Gallery quickly grew to become a community cornerstone for cultural art underrepresented in other art galleries and museums, and from all corners of the globe including Haiti, Africa, the Caribbean, Middle East and Latin America.

As the business owner of Vivant Art Gallery, Morisset has relied on her innate business acumen and passion for art to build an active community of supporters from diverse backgrounds. The young and old, professional and working class, native and transplant Philadelphians have all found an art home in Vivant Art Gallery.

After establishing Vivant Art Gallery as the cultural arts destination for Philadelphia residents and tourists, Morisset set her sights on uplifting artists and the arts community at large. In 2011, Morisset launched Vivant Art Consulting and began advising renowned academic institutions, art museums and organizations across the nation on developing, curating and marketing culturally diverse exhibitions and programs. She also worked with several artists strategizing their career development.

With a vision to expand Vivant’s impact on the arts community internationally, Morisset has decided to close Vivant Art Gallery while pursuing a dual MBA-Masters of Art in Design Leadership degree at Johns Hopkins University and Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

Although Vivant Art Gallery will no longer have a physical home in Philadelphia, its presence will remain strong as Vivant Art Consulting continues to serve local art institutions. In addition, Morisset will continue to serve on the boards of some of the city’s most revered institutions, including the African American Museum in Philadelphia, and the African Collections Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She will also lead the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia’s Haiti Relief Fund.

Vivant Art Gallery will host a series of events to commemorate the closing of the gallery including their signature art auction. Join Vivant as they celebrate 7 years of business from September 25th – 28th. 


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