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3 Generations of Artists Convene for the FAMILY REUNION ART EXHIBITION

3 Generations of Artists Convene for the FAMILY REUNION ART EXHIBITION

Posted: July 21, 2014


(Philadelphia) On August 1, 2014 the “Family Reunion” opens with an exciting multi-media art exhibition featuring drawings (pen and ink), photography, pottery and multi-media from 5 members of The Drummond Creative Legacy at the Vivant Art Collection.

The Drummond Creative Legacy is an intergenerational fine arts family collective, consisting of a dozen artists, who have established a tradition of exhibiting annually as a family. They are descendants of self-trained artists John and Nerissa Drummond, who immigrated to New York City from Jamaica almost 100 years ago.  The Drummonds raised eight daughters whose families eventually migrated across the East Coast from New York to Philadelphia, down to Virginia. The exhibition aims to attribute honor and celebrate the families’ artistic talents as well as share their creative expressions with the community. 

This year’s exhibit features five members of the Drummond Creative Legacy: pen and ink drawings from Keith Bryant; drawings, oil paintings and photographs from Dale Braithwaite; pottery from Robin Williams Turnage; photographs from Jody Benjamin; and mixed media works from Sista Keita Bryant.

Keith Bryant’s free-hand pen and ink drawings are finely detailed landscapes and portraits that achieve an intimacy and warmth often associated with paintings.

Ms. Dale Braithwaite paints with oils, draws still-life and human figures with charcoal and graphite and photographs cultural scenes from her travels.  

Robin Williams Turnage pottery is centered on maternity and influenced by traditional matriarchal art figures and forms.

Jody Benjamin will be exhibiting a group of photograph collages titled the ’Strip-Cloth’  Series from his recent textile fieldwork trips to Mali, Guinea, and Senegal in West Africa.

Sista Keita utilizes mixed media to express Pan African and Pan Indigenous perspectives, culture and futurism in her current project ‘Presente!

All artists will be present to discuss their process and influences at the opening reception on Friday August 1 and Saturday, August 2. For interview request, contact Florcy Morisset.