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Alexandre Petion

  • Title: Alexandre Petion
  • Artist: Jean-Dany Augustine Klay
  • Theme: Portrait
  • Theme: Realist
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Dimensions: 32 x 38
  • Price: $800.00 +Shipping

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About The Painting:

​Petion was born in Port-au-Prince to a Haitian mother and a wealthy French white father. Petion was elected President of the southern part of Haiti in 1806. Initially a supporter of democracy, Petion found the constraints imposed on him by the senate onerous and suspended the legislature in 1818. Fearing a lack of political power, he turned his post into President for Life in 1816, going against his former beliefs. Petion\'s virtues and ideals of freedom and democracy for the world (and especially slaves) were strong and he often showed support for the oppressed

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