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Kassim Rassen

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Born July 1, 1967, the 45 year old has a lifetime of experiences and stories to tell beginning with peace and ending in solace. While beginning his professional education attending the Technology and Electric University in 1988, he began his interest in the arts while picking up a major in photography, later earning that degree in 1992. In 2000 Rassen’s focus became fixed on fine arts; however with the unfortunate interruption with the United States entering war in Iraq he had to flee in 2005 and never received that degree. Leaving Iraq and moving to Syria is where his passion for fine art grew. Opening a gallery while living in Syria for three years, he displayed his story and the made the Iraq he once knew visible again.

Immeasurable dessert lands, palaces, perfume made out of rose petals, bazaars, ornate rugs, brown rich skin; this is the beauty of Iraq. Rassen depicts the richness he only knows with vibrant, bold colors of reds, oranges and browns. One can almost feel the intensity of his people and their land while viewing pieces displaying the relaxed untouched splendor of Iraq. Experience a beauty that may never be explored.

Since 2008, Kassim Rassen has been living in Philadelphia with his family.

Kassim Rassen

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