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Hussein Saidi

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Contemporary African artist, Hussein Saidi, combines traditional African themes with modern style. Saidi’s work is highly acclaimed internationally and has been on display at various locations including the U.S. Embassy. 

Saidi’s collection of art contains an overriding theme of community and family. When he was a boy, as is typical of children in Tanzania, Saidi created his own toys out of found-objects. Saidi now continues this process in his art, as he incorporates natural materials in his unique collages, which utilize materials such as barks, leaves, husks and other natural fibers. These materials may be woven, sewn or wrapped around other materials in the collage. Leaves, husks, natural fiber papers and other plant fibers may be hand-dyed cut, shredded and/or burnt. All materials are museum conservational, and all artwork is coated with protective varnishes to insure longevity.

Saidi is originally from Tanga, Tanzania, East Africa. He has made Maryland his home for thirteen years. Saidi is currently working as a professional artist out of his studio in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Hussein Saidi

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