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Vivant Gallery

About Vivant Art Collection

Vivant Art Collection is located on Gallery Row in the heart of the Historic District of Old City, Philadelphia. Vivant features international cultural focused art from the Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America while specializing in Haitian art. Vivant serves as consultant to numerous artists and institutions curating art exhibitions, cultural programs, and cultivating audiences within and without the gallery. The artwork, programs, and experiences are vibrant, rich, bold, and are embedded with cultural stories.

The mission of Vivant Art Collection is to educate, entertain, empower, and enlighten the public with the stories and messages of indigenous art and the people that created it. Vivant is a bridge between the art world, business sector, and the community as it is a meeting space for various social receptions, fundraisers, and lectures.

*Vivant is French word that describes the essence of the gallery, which is lively, energetic, colorful, bold, expressive, and culturally authentic. A refuge of art & culture awaits you…

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