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Florcy Morisset

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Professional Qualifications

Possesses over 7 years of extensive experience in the cultural art and business sector,  creating museum level curatorial art exhibitions, coordinating educational programs and designing dynamic marketing plans. Savvy in leveraging and developing strategic partnership and collaborations in the community, government sector, and media.  Excellent skills in managing internal office and external marketing relationships with diverse audiences, multi-level professionals, and important stakeholders. Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills with respects to training others, making presentation, and managing projects.  Great working both as a leader, team member, and independently while adapting to new pedagogy, equipment, technology, and environment.  An art and business expert, who serves on review boards, arts & culture panels, boards of directors, and committees for museums, professional organizations, and non-profit organizations. Utilizes personal brand as an art and humanitarian ambassador to effectively advocate, fundraise, and raise awareness for varying causes.



Founder and Creative Director                                                                                              2007 to Present

Vivant Art Collection                                                                                                                      Philadelphia, PA


·         Established international and cultural art gallery in Philadelphia arts’ district; lead and supervised 8-10 administrative team members per year on duties such as accounting, academic research, marketing, facilities management, public relations, and maintaining client database in excess of 15,000 contacts.

·         Traveled internationally (i.e. Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, London, and Panama) to procured art collection of more than 5,000 works of art, which included crating, shipping, handling, conserving, working with customs, international contracts, and photographing artwork.  Worked with over 250 international emerging and master artists.

·         Conducted academic research and digital cataloged works on website, printed catalog, and social media.

·         Mounted and installed over 60+ exhibitions (5,000+ works of art) for art galleries, residences, and museums.

·         Coordinated strategic marketing, press relations, and partnership with press, museums, universities, arts organizations, and the city of Philadelphia.

·         Planed and coordinated over 250 educational and public outreach programs and special events, including gallery tours, workshops, lectures, paint days, movie night, panel discussion, and fundraisers for over $5,000 guests monthly.

·         Managed 5–8 monthly facility rentals and external events, which generating operating revenue and marketing exposure for the gallery.

·         Created annual summer program, “Season of the Arts- Summer Edition. Program includes signature monthly paint days for children and paint night for adults, arts related movie night, wine and cheese reception

·         Coordinated multiple day annual anniversary celebration with signature events i.e: live art auction, awards ceremony Vivant Salutes, live jazz performance, and panel discussion

·         Managed $150,000 annual budget, generating, and creating multiple revenue stream of income to sustain and expand the business.  Conducted quarterly audits and worked with strict budgets.


Director and Founder                                                                                                                     2010 to Present

Vivant Art Consulting                                                                                                                         Philadelphia, PA


·         Expanded the art gallery into a consulting firm that develops and curates cultural exhibitions and multi-cultural programs that attract diverse audiences and communities for academic institutions and museums.  

·         Created marketing strategic plans and strategic collaboration to attract and cultivate new audiences, which include civically engaged minority audiences, young and established professionals, and high-end donors. 

·         Addressed the professional needs of “working” artists and creative individuals by presenting consultations focused on career development, entrepreneurial workshops, and exhibition opportunities.

·         Served as a public speaker and arts ambassador.


Director of Programs                                                                                                                                             2012 to 2013

Richard Allen Museum at Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church   Philadelphia PA


·         Developed and implemented collaborative neighborhood and community educational and public programs.

·         Established relationships and partnership with arts organizations and community leaders.

·         Created brochure detailing the museum’s and African Methodist Episcopal church history

·         Created a paid membership program to generate revenue for museum.

·         Coordinated with website designer to update and implement new programs and projects

·         Created and manage  marketing strategy for special events and programs

·         Established and maintained strategic relationship and partnership with the city and other cultural institutions.



Haiti’s Design: Inspired by History & Culture                                               October – November 2012

Drexel University                                                                                                                                   Philadelphia, PA


·         Curatorial debut of Haiti’s Design: Inspired by History & Culture at Intercultural Engagement and Diversity Gallery, Drexel University.

·         The exhibition showcases is original and authentic Haitian Art, which tells the story of Haiti’s rich culture, country’s customs, cultural beliefs, and religions through its famous distinctive paintings. 

·         Aligned community partners and sponsors: the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia, Coalition of Young Christians of Pennsylvania, Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia, The Mayor’s Commission of African & Caribbean Immigrants, Haiti Engaged Youth, and Drexel’s West Indian Student Establishment. 


Haitian Art Exhibit presented by Vivant Art Collection                                                        October 2012

Princeton University                                                                                                                                Princeton, New Jersey

·         Created, installed and presented Haitian Art Exhibit presented at the Carl Fields Center, Princeton University.

·         The art exhibit was based on several themes relevant to this creative Caribbean country—history, religion, landscape, and daily life.


Heart of Haiti                                                                                                                                 January – April 2010

Noyes Museum of Art                                                                                                                   Absecon, New Jersey


·         Traveled to Haiti as part of a  grassroots expedition as part of H.E.A.R. T. (Haiti Emergency Art Relief Team).  Worked with children ages 2-18 as a healing and therapeutic process, to engage them in art activities—providing art supplies.

·         Heart of Haiti, exhibit is a visual expression of the language and life within Haiti. The piece selected tells a collective story of politics, devotion and ultimate captures the essence of a people. 


Haiti: A Tribute in Art                                                                                                                                     May – July 2010

Delaware Art Museum                                                                                                        Wilmington, Delaware


·         Coordinate art selection for Haiti: A Tribute in Art.

·         Selected works by Haitian masters as well as Haitian flags that were inspired by vodou or vodun. The works of art are based on several themes relevant to this creative Caribbean country—history, religion, landscape, and daily life.


Transcending History: Moving Beyond the Legacy of Slavery and the Holocaust        2009 -2012

Vivant Art Collection                                                                                                                                           Philadelphia, PA

Reginald Lewis F.  Museum Maryland African American History & Culture             Baltimore, MD

I.P. Stanback Museum at South Carolina State                                            Orangeburg, South Carolina

Edward H. Rosen Hillel, Temple University                                                                         Philadelphia, PA

Blank Rome, LLP                                                                                                   Chrysler Building, New York City

Blank Rome, LLP                                                                                                                Watergate, Washington DC

Blank Rome, LLP                                                                                                     One Logan Square, Philadelphia


·         Juried in over 30 international artists and selected 50 works of art to display that explore the common histories and struggles of these two communities in Transcending History: Moving Beyond the Legacy of Slavery and the Holocaust, which became a traveling exhibit.

·         Created interactive panel discussion that discussed and highlighted the progressive attitudes and resilience of these two communities while visually presenting challenges that they face every day. 

·         Identified sponsors and strategic partnership to execute marketing and media effort.  In addition identified charitable cause to support which was the during the Earthquake in Haiti.  




·         Jump and Funk Dance Party (influence by Fela Kuti) with DJ Rich Medina and Visual Arts Director Mark Hines, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

·         Urban League Art Expo- Redeem Your Dream, National Urban League

·         Season of the Arts- Summer Program, Vivant Art Collection

·         First Friday supports NFTE, Vivant Art Collection

·         Vivant Salutes Women in the Corporate World , 6th Anniversary Celebration, Vivant Art Collection

  • Django Unchained Talk Back, Vivant

    Art Collection

  • AfroFuturism: Exploring

    the Future of Black Media, Myth and Culture, Vivant Art Collection



·         Art After 5: Jump and Funk Dance Party (influence by Fela Kuti) with DJ Rich Medina and Visual Arts Director Mark Hines, Philadelphia Museum of Art

·         Africa and the African Diaspora are Explored at the Penn Museum’s Imagine Africa Free Community Day, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

·         Conversation on “The Role of an Artist, Collector, and Institution in the Urban Art Community Guest Speaker Danny Simmons, Moderated by Florcy Morisset, Vivant Art Collection

·         Art for Autism, Vivant Art Collection

·         Season of the Arts- Summer Program, Vivant Art Collection

·         Book Reading & Signing of “Deep in Your Best Reflection - Poems in 160 Characters,” African American Museum in Philadelphia

·         Vivant Salutes Women in the Politics, 6th Anniversary Celebration, Vivant Art Collection



·         The State of Arts & Culture in Urban Philadelphia Community, African American Museum in Philadelphia

·         Art Live: A Reason to Live in partnership with WRTI, Vivant Art Collection

·         Season of the Arts- Summer Program, -4 monthly paint days, films, Vivant Art Collection

·         Vivant Salutes Women in Arts, 5th Anniversary Celebration, Vivant Art Collection

·         Vivant Spotlights: Young Professionals – Media Panel Discussion, 5th Anniversary

·         The New Conversation of Race & Ethnicity -The Black & Jewish Talks, Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art and Vivant Art Collection



·         Season of the Arts- Summer Program, Vivant Art Collection

·         Old City Gallery Tour, National Coalition of 100 Black Women - Pa, Old City Gallery District

·         Haiti Through Our Eyes, Haiti Emergency Art Relief Team, Noyes Museum, Haiti

·         Vivant Salutes Women in Business, 5th Anniversary Celebration, Vivant Art Collection

·         Vivant Spotlights: Young Professionals – Media Panel Discussion, 4th Anniversary Celebration, Vivant Art Collection

·         Contact My Manger -Arts & Entertainment Panel Discussion, Vivant Art Collection

·         Patience to Raise the Sun – Art Quilt for Haiti & their Power to Change Women’s Lives, African American Museum in Philadelphia



·         Perspective: Cultural Conversations - 8 Series Salon Discussion,  Vivant Art Collection

·         6th Annual Black Women’s Arts Festival,  

·         Samba on South: From Brazil to Philly, South Street Headhouse District, Philadelphia

·         Mazzoni Center Fundraiser, Vivant Art Collection

·         Art As Investment, 2nd Anniversary Celebration, Vivant Art Collection

·         The Tea party ( 3 month Series), Tea Talk Inc & Vivant Art Collection

·         Harlem Night, Art Fundraiser, African American Museum in Philadelphia

·         Latin Live – Art, Music, & Food, Vivant Art Collection

·         24th Annual October Gallery Philadelphia International Art Expo, Liacouras Center, Temple University



·         Fringe Festival - Fantasy is an Addiction, featured Nikki Powerhouse, Vivant Art Collection

·         Art As An Investment - October Gallery Arts Fair, Licouras Center, Philadelphia

·         The Sweet Taste of Success, Vivant Art Collection, Philadelphia




·         Black: The Color of Art – Art Basel, Kroma - Miami

·         Fire & Ice Pop-Up Exhibit, Fire & Ice Restaurant and Lounge

·         Human Trails, Transformation, Triumph – Artist Chad Cortez, Vivant Art Collection

·         Art Enology -Curator Souleo, Vivant Art Collection

·         Sculpture Now 2013, Honfleur Gallery, Washington DC



·         Collage in Symphony: Rocks, Paper, Fiber, Sand, featured Hussein Saidi, Vivant Art Collection

·         Abstraction in Motion: A Cultural Presentation of African American Art, featured  Kenneth R. Laughlin, Vivant Art Collection

·         Women of the Diaspora,  Vivant Art Collection

·         The History of Surrealism in Haiti, featured Adams and Lucsene, Vivant Art Collection

·          Africana, Art at the Core, featured Ade Oyelami, Vivant Art Collection

·         Beauty of Haiti, Vivant Art Collection



·         Documenting the Here & Now, Featuring Judelka Florival, Vivant Art Collection

·         The Illustrated sounds of Philadelphia A Tribute to Past & Present Philadelphia Musical Icons, Vivant Art Collection

·         Art Noir-Parisian Embrace, featured Charles Jean Pierre,  Vivant Art Collection

·         The First Person: From A Muse to A Mother, featured Valera Iskhakov, Vivant Art Collection

·         The Drums of Mexico, featured Ramirez, Vivant Art Collection

·         Haiti: The Fruits of Our Labor, fetured Casmir, Vivant Art Collection

·         Cubano, featured Cuban art, Vivant Art Collection

  • Afro-Pop: Contemporizing Africana Images and Concepts, featuring Nataki Bhatti, Vivant

    Art Collection


·         For Women -  A two-woman exhibition inspired by Nina Simone’s classic song, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and Lillian Cotton, Vivant Art Collection

·         Afro-Pop: Contemporizing Africana Images & Concepts featuring Nataki Bhatti, Vivant Art Collection

·         “BIG RUBE’S HeART”,  photographer Reuben Harley, Vivant Art Collection

·         Redefined Cultural Creativit, featuring Cheryl Durgans, Nataki Bhatti, Sharon B Ways, Sheery B Ways amd Donna Yaya Lino, Vivant Art Collection

·         La Femme Mystique - A Tribute to Women’s Month featured Nadine LA fond, Lichiban, Frances Bradley, Philece Roberts Sheery B. Ways, and Natki McHeal Bhatti, Vivant Art Collection

·         School of Beauty, featured Haitian Masters, Vivant Art Collection

·         Tribute to Haiti, featured Frito Bastien, Vivant Art Collection

·         Season of the Arts Art Auction, Vivant Art Collection

·         World of Art, featured art from Mexico, Middle East, Haiti, Vivant Art Collection

·         Sounds of the Caribbean, Vivant Art Collection

·         For Women, Anniversary Exhibition, Vivant Art Collection



·         Redefined Cultural Creativity featured Nataki Bhatti, Vivant Art Collection

·         Spiritual Memories,  featured Kevin Holder, Vivant Art Collection

·         Landscapes: Tropical Paradise, Jungles & Countryside, featured Frito Bastien, Vivant Art Collection

·         Them, featured Jim Bloom, Vivant Art Collection

·         The Faces of Brazil, featured Donna YaYa by Lino, Vivant Art Collection

·         A Peace of Iraq, featured Kassim Rassen, Vivant Art Collection

·         Music to You Eyes, featured M. Harold, Vivant Art Collection

·         Mexico: The Land of Contrast, Vivant Art Collection

·         Dionysus’ Reprieve, featured Ky’leigh T. Wilson, Vivant Art Collection



·         Haiti’s Politics & History, featured Augustin Jn Dany and Elifiate Charles, Vivant Art Collection

·         Vision of Beauty, featured, Michele Lucas, Nataki Bhatti and Cheryl Durgans, Vivant Art Collection

·         Fibers of Being, featured Sherry Shine, Vivant Art Collection

·         Spirits in Motion: African Dance, featured Sophie Sanders, Vivant Art Collection







Vice-President of Public Relations and Outreach                                                             2012– 2013

Haitian Diaspora Federation                                                                                                      International


·         Coordinate internal and external communications as well as distribution of letters, newsletters, announcements to government officials, media and the public.

·         Create 2 year strategic plan for the communications and membership outreach

·         Created advocacy strategic plan


Member of African American Collections Committee                                                      2012 - Present

Philadelphia Museum of Art                                                                                                        Philadelphia, Pa


·         Serve on the African American Special Events and Programs Subcommittee working alongside museum executives and staff to develop signature program at the museum for the African American Community

·         Promote an appreciation of African American Art by developing and engaging African American audience through exhibitions and programs

·         Support and serve as a resource to museum staff on exhibitions, educational programs, outreach efforts, publications and media with respect to African American community.


Board Member                                                                                                                                          2012 – Present

African American Museum in Philadelphia                                                                            Philadelphia, Pa


·         Appointed as the chair of the Membership Committee

·         Served on development and marketing

·         Chaired the 2012 silent auction for the 2012 Annual Gala raising $13,000+

·         Extended personal and professional relationships and resources for the advancement of the museum

·         Hosted dozen cultural programs garnering media exposire, thousands of new attendees and members.


Chair of Arts & Culture                                                                                                                               2009 - 2011

National Coalition of 100 Black Women – Pennsylvania Chapter                              Philadelphia, PA


·         Scheduled and coordinated attendance to special African American arts events and programs in Philadelphia to foster awareness of minority arts and cultural events.

·         Created monthly educational programming for members of organization, titled “Art in a Minute,” which there was an  art history lesson presentation

·         Create and managed advocacy letter writing campaigns to politicians in support of art funding as well as coordinating participation in Arts Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill


Chairwoman of the Board                                                                                                                  2008 – Present

Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia                                                                                    Philadelphia, Pa


·         Oversees the organization’s operations and programs development. 

·         Coordinates strategic planning and partnerships among board members, international government officials and non government organizations.

·         Principle lead in fundraising efforts for the organization’s $200,000 Haiti Relief Fund.

·         Coordinates annual giving to 3 non-profit organization work in or for Haiti relief efforts.


Chair of Idea Arts Initiative                                                                                                                   2008 – 2012

Idea Coalition                                                                                                                                            Philadelphia, Pa


·         Served as Curator and project coordinator for traveling exhibition (50 pieces) Transcending History: Moving Beyond Legacy of Slavery and the Holocaust

·         Worked to create programs that collaborate with citywide the Jewish and African American organizations, businesses, sponsors and community.

·         Initiated cultural diversity replicable panel discussion that comprised of leading African American and Jewish intuitions such as the Urban League of Philadelphia, Rodem Shalom Jewish Museum

·         Create several cultural programs in conjunction with the Transcending History Art Exhibit

·         Created a digitized catalog for Transcending History Art Exhibit

·         Created and review insurance, artist and liability contracts, strategic plans, and several related documents stories in the Philadelphia Tribune, and several radio interviews

  • Served as spokesperson and media and press relations coordinator,

    garnering stories on NBC 10 @ Issue with Steve Highsmith Show, 2


Chair of Fundraising                                                                                                                                                    2008 - 2010

Network of Extraordinary Talent                                                                                               Philadelphia, PA

(Formerly Urban League Young Professionals of Philadelphia)   


·         Created and managed fundraising projects with the Philadelphia 76ers NBA Basketball team, raising over $5,000 for the Urban League scholarship fund

·         Create several fundraising events and social events for the organization


Sorority Member                                                                                                                                 2002 – Present

Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Incorporated                                                                                         Philadelphia, PA


·         Work with the Art & Letters committee to promote the support of African American cultural art exhibits and programs.

·         Served as art juror for student juried art exhibits at the Philadelphia School District




·         Advocate, Arts Advocacy Day -Americans for the Arts, Capitol Hill, Washington DC



·         Host Venue & Committee, Arts for Coucilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Vivant Art Collection

·         Advocate, Arts Advocacy Day -Americans for the Arts, Capitol Hill, Washington DC

·         Presenter, Haitian Diaspora Federation Organization Congress Hosted by and  at the  Organized American States & USAID, Washington DC




·         Steering Committee – Gen 44, President Barack Obama Re-Election, Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia

·         Host Committee, To Take A Stand For Peace in Politics (Bi-Partisan Event), R2L Two Liberty Place, Philadelphia

·         Advocate, Arts Advocacy Day -Americans for the Arts, Capitol Hill, Washington DC

·         Delegation Host,  Madame Mirlande Manigat for President of Haiti, Washington DC

·         Coordinator, Town Hall Meeting with USAID, Envoy to HIRC, Haiti Presidential Diaspora Liaison, African American Museum in Philadelphia



·         Host Venue & Committee, James Perry for Mayor of New Orleans, Vivant Art Collection

·         Host Venue, Fall into Change - National Association of Advancement of Color People (NAACP), Vivant Art Collection

·         Coordinator & Host Venue, Meet the Candidate in Old City, Vivant Art Collection

·         Host Venue & Committee, Beverly Muldrow for Judge of Court of Common Pleas, Vivant Art Collection



·         Coordinator & Host Venue, Haitian & African for Obama, Vivant Art Collection

·         Coordinator & Host Venue, Reception with Senator Obama, Vivant Art Collection




·         Inductee to 1804 List of Haitian-American Ones To Watch, Haitian Roundtable



·         Haitian Cultural Ambassador Award, Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia

·         Top 10 under 40 to Look Out for in 2011, Philadelphia Tribune Newspaper

·         Moxie Women 2011 Next Generation of Leadership & Rising Star Award, City Council of the City of Philadelphia

·         Creative Arts Ambassador for the City of Philadelphia, Philly 360, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Commerce

·         United Kingdom Community Ambassador Award, Coalition of Young Christians of Pennsylvania



·         Scepter of Success Powerful Perspective Award, Tomika Mcfadden

·         Distinguished Service Award, Haitian Professional of Philadelphia




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