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Abstraction in Motion: A Cultural Presentation of African American Art

Abstraction in Motion: A Cultural Presentation of African American Art

Posted: October 17, 2012
Zulu Nation by Kenneth R. Laughlin

Photo: Zulu Nation by Kenneth R. Laughlin

Artist: Kenneth R. Laughlin

When: October 2012

Where: Philadelphia, PA - Vivant Art Collection 60 North Second Street

Artist Statement I have had no formal art training other than high school art classes. However, I have been drawing, painting, assembling wooden, wire, and found object sculptures since the age of six or seven. I am a self-taught artist.

I have studied art on my own, picking up techniques, and direction from books, magazines, and exhibits. I have gleaned from other artists of the world.

I enjoy working with different mediums, colors, textures, as well as abstract and figural styles. I benefit from the influences of dozens of well-known and unknown artists, abstractionist, classical, and impressionists.


Born May 9, 1950 in Hazard, Kentucky

Moved to Youngstown, Ohio in 1953

Married Gloria Faye Vines on December 30, 1972

Father of five children; Proud grandfather of ten grandchildren

Graduated from Youngstown South High School 1968

Attended Youngstown State & Norfolk State Universities

Proudly served ten years in the United States Navy


2012 Solo- Exhibit, Vivant Art Collection, Philadelphia, PA

1956 - Present Various Pop-up shows and Impromptu Exhibitions

2001 One Man Show, Mocha Gallery, Philadelphia, PA