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Vivant Consulting

About Vivant Consulting

Vivant consulting caters to collectors, artists, and institutions curating private art collections, dynamic exhibitions, cultural programs, and diverse audiences.

Vivant Art Consulting’s goal is to develop and curate cultural exhibitions and multi-cultural programs that attract diverse audiences and communities. By attracting new audiences, it is Vivant’s hope to build and cultivate new members and a donor base for art institutions and community organizations, such as museums, galleries, community center, and schools. Vivant accomplishes this by developing custom proposals, marketing strategies, coordinating strategic partnerships, and establishing media relationships that target civically engaged minority audiences, young and established professionals. Additionally, Vivant addresses the professional needs of “working” artists and creative individuals by presenting consultations focused on career development, entrepreneurial workshops and exhibition opportunities. Lastly, our work with collectors entails developing and maintaining their art collection while offering boutique services such installation and framing.