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Vivant Pops - African Art

Jun15, 2016

Our African collection features notable artists such as Ade Oyelami of Nigeria and Hussein Saidi of Tanzania. Oyelami is a master Batik artist, a style that uses wax and dyes on fabrics creating intricate designs, patterns and amazing rich art. Saidi, by contrast, incorporates local materials more commonly associated with traditional African art such as wood, tree bark, leaves, husks and fabrics in addition to acrylics. These natural materials are often shredded, burned or hand dyed, and protected with museum style conservation. Saidi enriches his subjects with these elements of nature, giving his figures 3-D style movement and the paintings themselves rawer, more emotional projections.

Vivant’s Pop-Up Shop

When: Saturday, June 18 10:00am - 8:00pm

Where: Gallery Isada - 3320 Collins Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Explore bold works of art from Vivant Art Collection’s vault. 

Journey through the Caribbean, Africa, and Mexico while purchasing rich, original one-of-kind pieces for great prices. There’s something for everyone…



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